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Auto Stiring Mug

Auto Stiring Mug

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Color: White

Net Weight: 320g
Gross weight: 390g
Capacity: 380ML
Size: 96.5 * 141mm
Material: ABS stainless steel

Introducing our Magnetic Auto Stirring Mug - the ultimate convenience for all your beverage stirring needs. This innovative mug is designed to effortlessly stir your drinks with just the touch of a button. No more hassle of using spoons or stirrers - simply pour in your favorite hot or cold beverage, press the button, and watch as the magnetic stirrer inside the mug goes to work, creating a perfect blend every time.

The mug features a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing for cordless operation and easy portability. With a sleek and ergonomic design, it fits comfortably in your hand and is spill-proof, making it ideal for use at home, in the office, or on the go. The magnetic stirrer is detachable, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Whether you enjoy a steaming cup of coffee, a frothy hot chocolate, or a refreshing iced tea, our Magnetic Auto Stirring Mug ensures that every sip is evenly mixed and delicious. Say goodbye to clumps of sugar or powders at the bottom of your mug - this mug guarantees a smooth and well-blended beverage every time.

Upgrade your drinking experience with the convenience and efficiency of our Magnetic Auto Stirring Mug. It's the perfect gift for coffee lovers, tea enthusiasts, or anyone looking to simplify their stirring routine. Order yours today and enjoy the perfect blend with every sip!

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